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Flow Group

The NMSG Flow-cytometry work group meet annually to standardize MRD measurements for all NMSG studies. The group holds QC-rounds prior to the meetings and discuss technical and analytical challenges, as well as study design and primary results from studies. The national coordinators help make MRD measurements available in all hospitals recruiting for NMSG studies


National coordinators

Mona Høysæter Fenstad, mona.hoyseter.fenstad[a], Norway, Trondheim

Monika Klimkowska, monika.klimkowska[a], Sweden, Stockholm

Tarja-Terttu Pelliniemi, tarja-terttu.pelliniemi[a], Finland, Tampere

Ida Schjødt, Ida.Schjoedt[a], Denmark, Copenhagen

Jon Thorir Oskarsson, jto[a], Iceland, Reykjavik

Reda Matuzeviciene, redalija[a], Litauenia, Vilnius

Kati Mado, Kati.Mado[a], Estoni, Tallinn

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