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Nordic Myeloma Study Group (NMSG) was established in 1987 by Nordic hematologists with a special interest in clinical myeloma research.

NMSG is an independent Nordic organization of researchers, active MDs and Norwegian, Swedish, Icelandic, Finnish, Estonian, Lithuanian, and Danish clinics/hospitals that conduct clinical myeloma research. Around 60 hematological clinics/hospitals are part of the NMSG, with 25 of those being university hospitals.


The vision of NMSG is to ensure optimal evidence-based treatment of all myeloma patients in the Nordic countries through e.g. clinical and controlled studies with associated basic research on the disease and its biology.


NMSG holds biannual plenary meetings with a scientific, educational and organizational agenda. All NMSG members may participate in the plenary meetings. NMSG sponsors are invited to participate in the plenary meetings.

The Executive Board consists of 15 members, with 3 each from Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. Additionally, there is one member each from Iceland, Estonia and Lithuania.

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Working Groups

The NMSG has five Working Groups including:

· Clinical trial group – Headed by Fredrik Schjesvold

· Translational Research Group – Headed by Kristine Misund

· Real-World Data Group – Headed by Cecilie Hveding Blimark

· Flow Group – Headed by Mona Fenstad

· Pro and QoL Group – Headed by Lene Kongsgaard

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Executive Board

The Executive Board consists of 15 members: 3 members from Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland and 1 member Iceland, Estonia and Lithuania.


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