Myeloma Patient Associations

Are you a patient or a relative and are seeking information about multiple myeloma? Here we list reliable sources about multiple myeloma and links to patients organization in our member countries.


  •  Dansk Myelomatose forening

  • Kræftens Bekæmpelse - Myelomatose



  • Cancerfonden – Myelom

  • Blodcancerförbundet



  • Benmargskreft (myelomatose) – Fra levert av Kreftforeningen

  • Myelomatose – Fra Norsk helseinformatikk

  • Blodkreftforeningen – Norsk pasientorganisasjon

  • Oslo myelomatosesenter – studier som foregår i Helse Sør-Øst


  • Suomen Syöpäpotilaat ry:n myelooma-verkosto

  • Tietoa myeloomasta suomeksi (potilaille)



  • Asociacija Kraujas (Patient organization homepage)


Information in English:

Patient education: Multiple myeloma (The Basics)


Patient education: Multiple myeloma symptoms, diagnosis, and staging (Beyond the Basics)


Patient education: Multiple myeloma treatment (Beyond the Basics)


Patient education: Hematopoietic cell transplantation (bone marrow transplantation) (Beyond the Basics)

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