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Clinical Guidelines

The NMSG does not write common Nordic Guidelines for the treatment of multiple myeloma, but NMSG members participate in the national committees writing the national guidelines in each country. We have one common guideline on the use of allogenic transplantation in multiple myeloma. Here you will find this along with all the national guidelines. 

NMSG Recommendations for allogenic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation in multiple myeloma (2017) 


The Danish Myeloma Study Group (DMSG) provides up to date evidence based guidelines for both clinical and laboratory hematologists on the diagnosis and treatment of hematological disease. 


The Swedish Myeloma Group provides national guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of myeloma. 


The Norwegian Directorate of Health has published an action plan for myeloma. This is a part of a publication dealing with all kinds of blood diseases (in Norwegian):

The Finnish Hematology Association (SHY) provides national guidelines for diagnosis and treatment of myeloma.

There are currently no published national guidelines for multiple myeloma in Iceland, Lithuania and Estonia. If you’re a doctor in these countries and have questions regarding the treatment of NMSG please contact nearest university hospital for current local guidelines.

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